• colitis
  • moderate constipation
  • marked constipation
  • intestinal dysbiosis

INTESTINAL DISBYOSIS can cause multiple problems such as:
allergies, skin diseases, chronic migraines, diverticula, heart disorders, depression, asthenia, physical and mental fatigue, infections, inflammation, arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis, Rheumatism, respiratory problems, problems of hair

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Lifestyle:  regular physical activity is recommended, even in the open air. Significantlt reduce  alcohol and smoke

USEFUL TO KNOW FOR INTESTINAL WELLBEING: Intestine is the last portion of the digestive system and is also called the second brain, thanks to the presence of a real nervous system present in the thickness of its wall. This is possible because the intestine is covered by a friendly bacterial flora (microbiota) formed by more than 400 bacterial species that carry out essential functions:

-Synthesize different vitamins;
– They regulate the expression of the immune system in the intestinal mucosa;
– They support intestinal peristalsis;
-Protect the intestinal mucosa, therefore the whole organism, from aggressions of pathogenic microorganisms, preventing the appearance of many infections

Stress and poor nutrition can alter the bacterial flora and this imbalance can cause disorders such as diarrhea, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, a disorder related to a functional alteration of the intestine which, due to stress, anxiety, colds or of the intake of some foods, it moves too slowly or accelerated giving rise to an alternation of constipation and diarrhea, associated with the presence of chronic pain in the belly and an irreducible swelling.
Probiotics are those microorganisms that promote the well-being and balance of the bacterial intestinal flora. Find therapeutic use in case of diarrhea due to alteration of the bacterial flora caused by the use of drugs (antibiotics) or poor nutrition, but it is also strongly recommended as a preventive. It is indicated for the growth control  of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic enterobacteria. The alteration of  bacterial flora is also linked to all the bacterial problems of the intestinal tract such as candidiasis, cystitis, canker sores and problems of  mucous membranes or skin problems: in all these cases it is therefore recommended to restore the bacterial flora to obtain a faster improvement and stable over time.

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