• Osteoarthritis or degenerative rheumatism
  • gonarthrosis
  • coxartosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory rheumatism
  • Gout (Uric Acids)
  • Hyperuricemia or dysmetabolic rheumatism
  • Periarticular rheumatism: tendinitis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, fibrosites, periarthritis, etc
  • Osteoporosis or osteopathy
  • cartilaginous alteration
  • Post-traumatic osteoarticular syndromes: bruises, fractures, etc
  • Myalgia

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Dietary reccomendations: good supply of micronutrients

Lifestyle reccomendations: especially in winter it is advisable to live in medium-warm environments and to carry out regular and appropriate physical activity. Perform specific tests from time to time at the request of the doctor

WHAT ARE OSTEOARTICULAR DISORDERS: Osteo-articular pathologies represent one of the first causes of disability in the elderly, as they result from the aging of the skeletal system and in general have a chronic and disabling course. Among these pathologies, the most common associated with age is osteoarthritis, caused by a deterioration of bone cartilages, due to the progressive loss of hyaluronic acid of which they are composed. This determines the onset of often disabling pain syndromes, stiffness of joint, which loses elasticity and mobility and in some cases deforms.
Arthritis, on the other hand, as well as other rheumatic diseases, has an inflammatory origin and is not necessarily related to age.
BOSWELLIA, another name for defining frankincense essential oil, already used in Ayurvedic medicine as anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic, reduces the synthesis of LEUCOTRIENS, substances involved in inflammatory reactions. This property makes it useful in arthoreumatic diseases and headaches. A 2003 study showed that knee osteoarthritis patients treated with Boswellia Serrata reported decreased pain, increased joint flexibility and increased walking time (Kimmatkar N., Thawani V., Hingorani L., et al., 2003 –Efficacy and tolerability of Boswellia serrata extract in treatment of osteoarthritis ofknee –A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial.Phytomedicine).

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