We provide free advice to those who want to be guided in choosing the facets of the fragrance that will become the olfactory symbol of their brand and their company. We customize the name of the perfume on the label and we can decline the chosen fragrance for both the Eau de Perfum and the Ambient Diffusers in different formats.

We also create customized olfactory arrangements for events which, in addition to room fragrances, can also include coordinated cosmetics such as body creams, soaps, shower gels and concentrated fragrances for each guest or guest or speaker.

Matteo Rambaldi, owner of the shop and of the Matalè brand: “The only way to resist temptation is to give in to matalè. This is why we believe that the Olfactory Logo is important, we want to make our customer loyal to a sensation and the Perfume we have chosen to identify our Brand adds an olfactory sensation. to our clothes and accessories, but above all it accompanies the shopping experience of our customers. ” MATALE ‘Piazza dei Martiri 2, San Giorgio di Piano, BOLOG

Profumo di Lana
Made for Ufficio Parenti on the occasion of the FILO Fair in Milan in March 2017

HOW  the creation of personalized perfumes WORKS

Formula created from scratch completely based on the client’s brief:

      • production of 3 samples to choose from (subject to fine tuning),
    • minimum quantity required 1 kg of fragrance which corresponds to 100 eau de parfum of 50 ml concentrated at 20%.
    • The cost of a single bottle is 30 euros including VAT. Packaged in our bottle with crimped spray pump. Advance payment upon confirmation of the chosen perfume.
    • Production times of the samples 20 days. Perfume production time: 1 month from order confirmation

Formula created by mixing our ready-made bases based on a client’s brief that indicates the preferred raw materials:

  • production of 1 sample to refine.
  • Minimum purchase of 5 bottles at 48 euros each including VAT. Packaging in bottle with screw spray pump.
  • Sample production time 1 week. Production time of perfumes from the moment of confirmation 3 weeks. Advance payment upon order confirmation
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