In the Renaissance way…

Renowned Florentine pharmacist and natural herbalist, Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo founded “Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio” in 1990 in a 13th Century palace in the heart of Florence. With his enterprising and time-tested research he creates exquisite niche perfumes, natural cosmetics and food supplemnets of extraordinary quality.

Dr. Massimo is a pharmacist since 1965. He has owned many pharmacies around Italy, but he very soon started to create and realize his own crafted products as he felt a very strong need to bring back, in his pharmacies, the concept of natural products; in fact, the pharmaceutical industry was increasingly moving away from this world, by preferring synthetic products created in chemical laboratories. In 1978 he decided to take a sabbatical year and he moved with his family in the countryside to study plants and phototherapy full time and to plan and realize his own brand and formulas leaving the traditional Pharmacy business to dedicate his work life to this activity by moving to Florence and founding the brand Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio.

His mission was to realize natural crafted phytocosmetics and phytotherapic to address people needs of targeting physical and mental balance by avoiding, in his formulas, any kind of preservatives and synthetic active ingredients.
and today…. Decades later, following in her father’s footsteps, Francesca Di Massimo, his daughter, with a business management background, transitions to the herbal sciences and perfumery dedicating herself to the second generation of Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio fragrances, cosmetics, herbal remedies and supplements — the brand consolidates its presence in Europe and the World!

What a perfect title!  Yes, because it is precisely from the Experimenti manuscript of Caterina Sforza De Medici that the Florentine Perfumery Art originated in the late 15th century, making Florence the world’s  perfume capital during the Renaissance.
With “i PROFUMI di FIRENZE” Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio continues to pass on Caterina’s beauty and fragrance secrets: the richness of natural raw materials combined with the wise and generous use of base notes are the indispensable factors for transmitting the absolute originality and enduring power of the fragrances.

Natural aromas, meticulously selected to evoke magical atmospheres: stories, memories, mysteries.The promise of a life that the precious Bohemian glass bottles contain and continue to bear witness over time.

 A laboratory of health and beauty originated by Dt. Di Massimo’s unparalleled knowledge, time-tested research and production of plant based cosmetics made with highly concentrated natural active ingredients.  The formulas are designed to be safe without any chemical components whose cosmetic safety is not guaranteed.  Instead, safe preservatives, sequestering agents, antioxidants and surfactants used are derived solely from plants. No animal testing ever used

 “…..Dov’è finita la parte più tenera della nostra memoria,  quella dell’infanzia e della prima giovinezza?  Sicuramente confinata,  in qualche remoto angolo del nostro universo,  vorrà riemergere! A volte, per ritrovarla, basta saper ascoltare la fresca, dolce, incantata fragranza di un Profumo di Firenze”.    Dott. Giovanni Di Massimo

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