Botanical name: Daucus Carota Habitat: Europe

Plant parts used: fleshy root Active ingredients and nutrients: β-carotene (provitamin A which is transformed into a vitamin in the body), vitamin C, B1, B2, glucose, sucrose, pectin (which gives antidiarrheal properties)

Therapeutic properties: It is a real concentrate of BETACAROTENE, a molecule with the same activity as VIT.A (also called RETINOL because it’s present in RETINA), of which it mimics the action, acting directly on the mechanism of night vision. Vitamin A, when it reaches the retina, binds to the protein present there: RODOPSIN. This bond causes a change in the molecular structure of the vitamin that allows the link with PHOTONS, and therefore the stimulation of the optic nerve. It is also the vitamin of beauty, as it increases the production of MELANIN, to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays. BETACAROTENE is used by our body only for the satisfaction of its needs, for this reason there is no risk of hypervitaminosis, a phenomenon that can happen when taking Vit. A. It is also a powerful ANTIOXIDANT, fights free radicals, substances responsible for cellular aging.

For prevention and control of: CIRCULATORY SYSTEM DISORDERS

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