Horse Chestnut


Botanical name: Aesculus hippocastanum Habitat: Europe

Plant parts used: Bark and seeds Active ingredients and nutrients: Escine

Therapeutic properties: the use of this plant is a valid aid for the treatment of all those disorders characterized by venous insufficiency and symptoms associated with it, such as swelling, heaviness, pain and itching. This happens thanks to ESCINE, able to perform numerous actions at blood vessels level, including the increase in venous tone, with consequent improvement in venous return; increased capillary resistance; the removal of accumulated interstitial fluids (anti-edema action).
Furthermore, a study conducted on 80 hemorrhoid patients showed that taking horse-chestnut seed extract three times a day for a period of two months is able to reduce bleeding and the swelling caused by this disorder.

For prevention and control of: CIRCULATORY SYSTEM DISORDERS

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