• Venous vascular syndromes
  • Venous insufficiency of lower limbs
  • Varices
  • Varicose ulcer
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Arteropathies of lower limbs
  • Hematomas

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Dietary reccomendations: Significantly reduce the use of salt and pickled products. DR for Hepatobiliary and digestive disorders Lifestyle reccomendations: Avoid standing for long time and, when possible, keep your legs raised and always follow the advice of your doctor

WHAT IS THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM WELLBEING: Over the course of time and as a consequence of incorrect habits, pregnancies, heredity, hormonal problems,  veins can gradually dilate, losing tone and elasticity. The blood struggles to return to the heart and tends to stagnate, especially in the distal areas of the legs (ankles first and then calves). This causes ailments such as heaviness in the lower limbs and in more severe cases varicose veins, thrombosis and menstrual pain and cellulite in women. In these situations it is necessary to intervene with active principles that strengthen the elasticity of blood vessels and protect them from possible injuries.
RUSCUS, or butcher’s broom, is known for the activity of RUSCOGENINE, molecules with vasotonic, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory action. It is indicated for venous insufficiency, varices, swelling, but also in the treatment of hemorrhoids because it favors the narrowing of  venules, without interfering with the functionality of the arteries. It has diuretic action. It gives relief as it reduces the sense of heaviness in the legs and itching in case of hemorrhoids. Stimulates diuresis and the menstrual cycle. Polifenols in particular bioflavonoids, and play an intense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Their most important action is that of tonic and vasoprotective, of care of the circulatory system, where they positively influence the vascular permeability, preventing edema and swelling. Also the seeds and the skin of the berries containing a phytocomplex rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin P, and perform a very useful action in venous-lymphatic insufficiency, in cardiovascular pathologies and for those disorders that involve circulatory eye problems , especially at the retina level. The red vine is therefore indicated in all forms of varicose veins, phlebitis, capillary fragility, couperose, edema, hemorrhoids, cellulite, water retention, blood stasis and heaviness in the lower limbs.

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