BREZZA DI MARE Eau de Parfum


MARINE scent

Sea Breeze,  White Flowers,  White Moss
“I walk on the avenue of maritime pines that I planted and saw become giants. From the top of this sweet hill, I see the sea: reassuring and beautiful, it is the Adriatic Sea. The gentle breeze and the smell of salt that have always embraced the hairs of my pines now embrace me too “. Giovanni, Dt. Di Massimo, describes the panorama from his home in the Marche hinterland, from which you can see a slice of the sea and you can feel his salty and fresh breeze. “After all you only need a little breeze on your skin, a walk on the sea, a glass to finish and a season in the background that makes you smile”, Caramagna expresses the inspiration of this perfume, so universal but at the same time so personal , as is the primitive and ancestral experience of the sea, its waves, its flavors and its smells.

Size: 10 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml



Caterina Sforza de’ Medici has been, in 1400,  the first ever writer of perfumed waters, cosmetics recipes and natural remedies. Thanks to her manuscript “Experimenti”, Florence became the world capital of perfume. Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo, renowned pharmacist and perfumer, derives inspiration from that maniscript and form this high-caliber epoch of Florentine perfumery, with an aim to resurrect and continue this rich historical legacy.

All the fragrances and perfumes “i PROFUMI di FIRENZE” created by Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio are known and appreciated for their refinement, the intense use of natural raw materials and for their persistence thanks to the wise  and generous use of base notes.

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